2018’s First Product Demo

36 PACCD members met in Relish Restaurant located at Scout Limbaga St. Tomas Morato, Quezon City last February 15, 2018, Thursday.  They were there to attend an intimate event entitled “ Define the Future with Agnes and Geneo” sponsored by DermAsia.

Dr. Glibenette Tapang-Panlaqui introduced the first machine called Geneo which has 2 probes, thus 2 functions. The first probe is a tripollar (3rd Generation) Radiofrequency devise whose main function is for skin tightening and firming. A 30% attainment of the latter is accomplished after 6 weekly sessions with this machine.  The second probe aptly called Oxygeneo –  exfoliates, infuses and oxygenates the skin thus may either lighten (if Neobright serum, containing Azealaic acid, Retinol and Kojic acid, is used) or improve the appearance of fine lines (if Neorevive serum, containing Hyaluronic acid or Retinoic acid, is used).

Dr. Evangelyn G. Espiritu spoke on the machine Agnes, which with the aid of microinsulated needles and RF technology can selectively destroy sebaceous glands .  This is indicated for acne vulgaris, which may be eliminated after 3 sessions.  This devise has also been used for syringoma, wrinkles and eyebags.

The event was informative, and the breakfast was delicious.  Kudos go to the speakers, as well as Dr. Cheet Perez, who led the invocation; Dr. Rheinna Pereja, who served as emcee and moderator; Dr. Daisy Camitan, who awarded the plaques of appreciation; and, of course, Dr. Sonia Baluyot who guided the sequence of activities.

Ramon Briones, M.D.