4th Scientific Symposium

¬†beautiful, sunny Thursday, June 1, 2017, saw 34 PACCD members converging at Torre Venizia Suites at Timog Ave. Quezon City for the Pink Intimate System Symposium organized by GurLavi Corp. with Dr. Ma. Victoria Lantin as speaker. Our dear president Dr. Vinson Pineda was also in attendance.¬† The system boasts of being the best non-invasive solution to regaining youthfulness and firmness with the added advantage of whitening and lightening of the private parts. It was noted that with ageing, vaginal changes lead to atrophy and hyperpigmentation. Decreasing levels of Estrogen leads to thinning of the lining of the vagina—> decreased glycogen release—> decreased acidity—> increased incidence of bacterial infection and consequently irritation and inflammation. The very small number of subjects included in the study (40+), including reliance on the subject’s subjective notion of improvement/lightening leaves a lot of room for more objective, more scientific data to show effectivenes of the product. However, the product does have promise and potential in treating the sensitive/intimate areas. Marketing and promoting the use of this product remains challenging.