About the Organization



We believe in achieving our goals by following the ethical
standards of PACCDI and teamwork while nurturing the success
and professional growth of the individual members.

Team effort.
We believe that harmonious relationship among officers and members of the
society is the key to meeting our objectives.

Participative Environment.
Through the leadership of the officers the society shall encourage open and
responsible communication. We value inputs from everyone.

Mutual Respect.
We value the skills, capabilities and respect the perspective of everyone in the
Philippine Academy of Clinical and Cosmetic Dermatology, Inc.


To provide the community quality service on Dermatology…

Quality, Professional Service – all at affordable cost.

To professionalize the training of dermatology and make it readily accessible to
qualified doctors who wishes to pursue specialization in this field.

To ensure the long-term objectives of training are epitomized in the satisfaction of
patients while committing to the highest standards of practicing the profession.

To create lasting and mutually beneficient relationships with
all members through efficient and personalized service.

We are a Society aggressively dedicated to the pursuit of a
better quality of life for all members and patients.