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5th PACCD Midyear Convention

DATE: MAY 30-31, 2019
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Convention Program

6th PACCD Scientific Symposium 2018

As part of PACCD’s continuing educational service to its members, a CPD-accredited activity was held at Max’s Restaurant, Scout Tuazon, Quezon City last March 22, 2018. The lecture proper, entitled: “Infestations, Bites and Stings” – was delivered by Dr. Onessa Lacaba, who gave it a more pediatric dermatology  perspective.  Her approach included the epidemiology, pathogenesis, and management of this subject matter.  Journal discussion and some case reports readings were added to the mix.

The event drew 63 attendees, who unanimously praised the content of the activity. Special mention, too, to Dr. Oscar Grino, who led the invocation; Dr. Almond Derla, who gave the opening remarks; Dr. Daisy Lim Camitan, who awarded the plaques; Dr. Maria Victoria Lantin , who delivered the closing remarks; and of course, the tireless Dr. Sonia G. Baluyot, for her role as Moderator.


Product Launch 2018

PQ Age, A New Generation of Instant Firm-Lift

Revitalizing Peeling

This Gur Lavi-sponsored activity occurred on March 13, 2018 Tuesday morning at Prime Hotel, Sgt. Esguerra St., Quezon City. 23 PACCD members served as the audience, including members of the print, broadcast and online media. Dr. Luis Wilwayco led the invocation, while Dr. Onie Lacaba served as the emcee/moderator. The resource speaker was Dr. Ma. Victoria O. Lantin. “P (Promo Italia) Q ( Quality Anti-Aging) Age” is a peeling protocol indicated both for acne and wrinkley, lax skin. The content of the solution are 2% kojicacid (anti-acne), mandelic acid (antibacterial), and 3% hexapeptide (anti-oxidant/neurotransmitter-inhibitor). Notable also among the ingredients was a 33% Trichloroacetic acid diluted in urea peroxide which interestingly causes deep penetration by the acid into the skin with only minimal exfoliation. The protocol requires 6 weekly sessions for maximum results. As witnessed at the demo: downtime is nil, and procedure proper was nearly painless. Photos of Dr. Lantin’s patients demonstrated impressive lifting results; which, according to our speaker, is appreciated by the subjects by the 3 rd session.

The near-closing remarks was delivered by the Gur Lavi National Sales Manager, Shirley Billedo. But the CEO of AGAS Concept ( Israel) , Ayelet Mofar truly gave a happy ending by doing an impromptu demonstration of the AGAS Biopeel.

- Ramon Briones, M.D.


Live Webinar on Dermoscopy

Attended by 30 PACCD members on Wednesday, March 7, 2018 at Alex III at Tomas Morato, Q.C.

Traditionally used for the evaluation of skin tumors, dermoscopy continously gains appreciation in other fields of Dermatology. The technique has been shown to improve clinical performance in terms of differential diagnosis in daily practice. Together with Stiefel, a GSK Company, we had the privilege to experience a live and interactive webcast on the use of dermoscopy in inflammatory skin diseases, covering the basic principles namely:

1. vessels morphology
2. vessels distribution
3. scale color
4. scale distribution
5. follicular disturbances
6. specific clues

And dermoscopic criteria and other information which highlight the usefulness of this diagnostic tool in everyday clinical setting.

The speaker was Dr. Aimilios Lallas. He is a Board-Certified Dermatologist-Venereologist at the First Department of Dermatology of Aristotle University in Thessaloniki, Greece and is currently the General Secretary of the International Dermoscopy Society. He is an author of more than 160 scientific papers published on Pubmed Central and several book chapters focused on dermoscopy. He has been an invited speaker in domestic and international congresses and meetings and he is particularly involved in teaching activities over dermoscopy, having organized and participated in numerous domestic and international courses.

The Chair is Dr. Alexandra Marta who is the Dermatology Medical Lead and Medical Expert for Europe and Canada for Stiefel. She is a Dermatologist with over 20 years’ experience treating skin conditions, and in her role working within the pharmaceutical industry she set out to make sure dermatology patients have access to the right medicine and achieve the best outcomes.



2018’s First Product Demo

36 PACCD members met in Relish Restaurant located at Scout Limbaga St. Tomas Morato, Quezon City last February 15, 2018, Thursday.  They were there to attend an intimate event entitled “ Define the Future with Agnes and Geneo” sponsored by DermAsia.

Dr. Glibenette Tapang-Panlaqui introduced the first machine called Geneo which has 2 probes, thus 2 functions. The first probe is a tripollar (3rd Generation) Radiofrequency devise whose main function is for skin tightening and firming. A 30% attainment of the latter is accomplished after 6 weekly sessions with this machine.  The second probe aptly called Oxygeneo –  exfoliates, infuses and oxygenates the skin thus may either lighten (if Neobright serum, containing Azealaic acid, Retinol and Kojic acid, is used) or improve the appearance of fine lines (if Neorevive serum, containing Hyaluronic acid or Retinoic acid, is used).

Dr. Evangelyn G. Espiritu spoke on the machine Agnes, which with the aid of microinsulated needles and RF technology can selectively destroy sebaceous glands .  This is indicated for acne vulgaris, which may be eliminated after 3 sessions.  This devise has also been used for syringoma, wrinkles and eyebags.

The event was informative, and the breakfast was delicious.  Kudos go to the speakers, as well as Dr. Cheet Perez, who led the invocation; Dr. Rheinna Pereja, who served as emcee and moderator; Dr. Daisy Camitan, who awarded the plaques of appreciation; and, of course, Dr. Sonia Baluyot who guided the sequence of activities.

Ramon Briones, M.D.



PACCD Scientific Symposia 2018

The lecture titled “Comprehensive Cutting-Edge Therapeutic Approach in Acne, Still a Work in Progress” was conducted by Dr. Sonia Go-Baluyot while the Critical Analysis of Journal Demo of Application of Dermocosmetic Question and Answer was Emceed by Dr. Onessa D. Lacaba on January 11, 2018, Thursday, 8:30AM at Annabel’s Restaurant Tomas Morato Quezon City.


Seventy Two PACCD members attended. The 4 major pathogenesis of Acne:

1) sebaceous hyperplasia with seborrhea

2) ductal hypercornification

3) P. Acnes colonization

4) inflammation and immune response were discussed in detail.


New Paradigms were noted:


Treatment Goals:


ACNELAN Professional Method for Intensive Treatment of Acne-Prone Skin:


Major Ingredients include:

The same lecture were conducted on January 12, 10am at The Black Pig, Muntinlupa City; January 18, 10am at House of Lechon Cebu City; January 25, 10am at Pipanganan Capampagan Restaurant at San Fernando Pampanga.

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First PACCD CPD Activity – A Journal Review on Rosacea

On August 15 ,2017 – 80 PACCD members and non members attended a  symposium involving a critical analysis of the journal: “Rosacea is Associated with Chronic Systemic Diseases in a Skin Severity-Dependent Manner: Results of a Case-Control Study”.  The venue was at the OSHC (Occupational Safety and Health Center) located in North Ave. corner Agham Road, Quezon City. This project yielded for the audience a more thorough understanding of the etiology and pathophysiology of the disease Rosacea; as well as introduction to the latest in management approach, especially with the use of vasoconstrictors like brimonidine. The event was ably supported by Dr. Sonia Baluyot, Dr. Angelina Aquende, Dr. Rosario Divina Perez, Dr. Ma. Victoria Lantin, and Dr. Vinson B. Pineda.

– Ramon Briones, M.D.


CPD Seminar

55 PACCD members were present at a seminar held in Max’s Restaurant on Roces Ave. last Thursday Aug. 10, 2017.  The topic was on that prickly subject of earning CPD points.  The speaker is Eleanor B. Almoro, M.D.,FPOGS, a member of the Professional Regulatory Board of Medicine, PRC. Dr. Sonia Baluyot was the emcee; Dr. Marivic Lantin delivered the opening remarks; Dr. Almond Derla introduced the speaker; and Dr. Vinson B. Pineda gave the closing address. The event was lively, and proceeded with none of the drama  first witnessed during the PMA Convention’s presentation of the same subject.

- Ramon Briones, M.D.


Le Mieux Product Presentation

Thursday, Aug. 23, 2017 saw another PACCD activity held at the Alex III Restaurant at Tomas Morato. Although the weather was  rough,  the 24 attendees were rewarded to a festive brunch, as well as a welcome introduction to a rather luxurious U.S.- manufactured skincare line.   Dermaceauticals, Inc. regaled our members with a discourse on the “serum authority” Le Mieux ( French for: The Best). Dr. Sonia Baluyot played M. C. to their speaker,Mr. Rex Macatangay, RMT, MBA, the business development manager of this sponsoring company.

Le Mieux was the pioneering cosmeceautical line to use epidermal growth factor in their products. They take pride in the superior quality of their merchandise, which uses encapsulated time-release  technology which ensures accurate delivery of stable bioactive ingredients to  targeted cells.  As of that date, only four products are legally available in the Philippine market:  Phyto Nutrient cleansing gel, Essence toner, Vitamin C Serum, Eye Wrinkle Corrector and Biocell Rejuvenating Cream. The latter was not a constraint since the event closed with almost all of those in attendance making a happy purchase.


6th Scientific Symposium 2017

July 6, 2017, Thursday saw 55 PACCD members attend a symposium entitled “Zinc in Skin Repair at a Cellular Level.”  This event was sponsored by Mega Lifesciences PTY, L.T.D., distributor of Skizin , and held in Cocoon Boutique Hotel at Scout Tobias St., Quezon City.

Dr. Pramod Ramchandra Mane, the Company’s Medical Director, gave an exhaustive lecture on the physiologic features and Medical importance of Zinc.  The latter mineral, due to its being a component of 300 different enzymes – is required in successful wound healing, post-surgical recovery, as well as convalescence from certain parasitic diseases.

Skizin is unique in the market because its’ zinc is methionine-bound, thus increasing its bioavailability; and has incorporated Vitamin C and E, plus natural mixed carotenoids and chromium –further amplifying its anti-oxidant and immune-enhancing capacity.

Although the supplement had innumerable indications (i.e. atopic dermatitis); our members were interested in its dosing for Acne Vulgaris.  The dose is 1 cap three times a day for 12 weeks, with improvement seen in the second week  –then, eventually, 1-2 times a day as maintenance.  It is adviseable to give this capsule after meals, because it may cause gastric upset. Tetracyclines and Quinolones are contraindicated.

The other Dramatis Personae for this occasion were Drs. Becca Sanchez, who gave the invocation; Ma. Victoria Lantin, who gave the opening remarks; Sonia Baluyot, who served as the emcee; Angelina Aquende and Cheet Perez, who presented the plaques of appreciation.  Also acknowledged were Mr. Hrishikesh Pradhan, Mega Lifesciences Managing Director; and Mr. Christopher Nevarosa, Regional Sales Manager.

And of course, the real star of the day: Dr. Vinson B. Pineda, who turned 81 years young.  To whom, we greeted with flowers; a delicious caramel cake — and toasted with an Australian Merlot! Happy Birthday, Sir!

– Ramon Briones, M.D.