PACCD Celebrates Dr’ Pineda’s Eightieth Birthday


Last Thursday, July 14, 2016 –members of the PACCD Organizing Committee and Board of Trustees gathered at the Gauguin Room of the Novotel Manila Araneta Center to celebrate Dr. Vinson B. Pineda’s 80th Birthday.  The latter had been the PACCD President for the past 13 years; thus the organization deemed it appropriate to honor his milestones annually.

The evening started informally, but in high spirits, as guests trickled into the venue at around seven p.m. to greet the youthful octogenarian, who emanated robust health and a rather impish demeanor. Dinner was composed of  an ample buffet complete with soup, salad, rice, vegetables, three main courses – and a choice of two pastry deserts.  A rather agreeable cabernet sauvignon was also served to fuel the festivities; climaxing in a dry(sec) champagne for the final toast.

The program for the evening was energetically led by Dr. Connie Garcia who opened with a moving prayer which was sung by all, and complemented by an equally heartwarming slide presentation. After this, the entire company held their hands over the celebrant to pray over, wishing for his health and happiness.  Toasts were then accomplished by the tinkling of flutes; ending in a slide show presentation of pictures from Dr. Pineda’s 79th Birthday Celebration.

The evening closed with Dr. Pineda’s sage invocation of how one could accomplish worldly success, and divorce from sin, by recognizing Jesus Christ as one’s Savior. A message which has become both traditional, and annual in its frequency.

-Ramon R. Briones, MD