PACCD at the PMA 110th Annual Convention

Being an affiliate society of the Philippine Medical Association; PACCD members showed their support by descending onto this year’s annual convention, held last May 16 – 19, 2017 at the Manila Hotel.  Being also the first year that a percentage of CPD units earned  from PMA-organized activities  became obligatory in order to earn one’s license; the number of attendees surged to a record tally of 3600.

Our sprightly President, Dr. Vinson B. Pineda continued his duty to call attention to our existence as a force in the medical community by attending the Governors’ Ball in the evening of May 16; marching during the Opening Ceremonies the next morning, and circulating among the officers during the Fellowship Night.  His status as a Medical Icon was not lost during the latter activities because his presence were always respectfully acknowledged.  Aside from attending the various lectures; the majority of the PACCD Board members dutifully took turns monitoring the PMA Business Meetings during the General Assembly, ensuring the security of our status within the Organization.