Product Launch 2018

PQ Age, A New Generation of Instant Firm-Lift

Revitalizing Peeling

This Gur Lavi-sponsored activity occurred on March 13, 2018 Tuesday morning at Prime Hotel, Sgt. Esguerra St., Quezon City. 23 PACCD members served as the audience, including members of the print, broadcast and online media. Dr. Luis Wilwayco led the invocation, while Dr. Onie Lacaba served as the emcee/moderator. The resource speaker was Dr. Ma. Victoria O. Lantin. “P (Promo Italia) Q ( Quality Anti-Aging) Age” is a peeling protocol indicated both for acne and wrinkley, lax skin. The content of the solution are 2% kojicacid (anti-acne), mandelic acid (antibacterial), and 3% hexapeptide (anti-oxidant/neurotransmitter-inhibitor). Notable also among the ingredients was a 33% Trichloroacetic acid diluted in urea peroxide which interestingly causes deep penetration by the acid into the skin with only minimal exfoliation. The protocol requires 6 weekly sessions for maximum results. As witnessed at the demo: downtime is nil, and procedure proper was nearly painless. Photos of Dr. Lantin’s patients demonstrated impressive lifting results; which, according to our speaker, is appreciated by the subjects by the 3 rd session.

The near-closing remarks was delivered by the Gur Lavi National Sales Manager, Shirley Billedo. But the CEO of AGAS Concept ( Israel) , Ayelet Mofar truly gave a happy ending by doing an impromptu demonstration of the AGAS Biopeel.

- Ramon Briones, M.D.